Time for New Siding? Check Out these Incredible Siding Tips

  Most homeowners find it intimidating and almost overwhelming to choose new siding. We completely understand! It’s a big decision and one that should not be made lightly. Many things have to be taken into consideration when choosing siding for your home. You have to make sure your preferred colors will be accepted by the […]

Curb Appeal Tips: Start Planning for Curb Appeal Month Now

  Curb appeal month is August, so let’s start planning! It may only be early February, but now is the perfect time to start planning your new siding, windows, entry door, surrounds, or guttering. Early planning is actually essential to a successful project for a variety of reasons. Save Money – The best way to […]

Curb Appeal Tips: 7 Reasons You Should Plan Your Projects Early

  Early planning is a good thing in many areas of life. Home improvement projects fall into that category beautifully. Planning your home improvement and curb appeal projects early gives you extra planning time and allows you to take advantage of winter sales that may not exist during the spring and summer months. Let’s take […]

Come See Us at the Palatine Chamber of Commerce St. Patrick’s Day Parade!

  Mark your calendars! March 19, 2016 is the official date for the Palatine Chamber of Commerce St. Patrick’s Day Parade, and we’re busy getting ready to paint the town green. Okay, we’re not really painting the town green, but we’re very excited to support the Chamber of Commerce and see the amazing local vendors […]

10 Reasons New Doors and Windows are the Perfect Home Improvement Project for 2016

  Everyone likes home improvement projects that truly make a difference in your life and your wallet, right? That’s exactly what happens when you install new doors and windows. Yes, there’s the initial cost, but that isn’t what we’re talking about today. We’re talking about the monetary savings for years to come because you installed […]

3 Reasons to Choose Custom Guttering and Downspouts

  The guttering system on your home is absolutely crucial to the longevity of your home and landscaping. They must be properly maintained in order to remain functional throughout the year. They protect your home in a variety of ways, including: Protects the structural integrity of your home and prevents water damage on interior walls […]

Keep Your Home Looking Amazing Throughout Winter

  Baby, it’s cold outside! Okay, so far the winter weather so far hasn’t been too horrible, but we’re sure it is probably on the way. We expect a lot of snow and we all know what that means – a lot of mud soon to follow. Winter is either a period of beautiful snow […]

How Vinyl Replacement Windows Make Your Home Look Amazing

  New windows have a way of really transforming the outward appearance of your home. Replacement of the same size windows may not seem like such a big deal, but today’s advances in windows will add so much value to your home; both aesthetic and monetary. Our line of Simonton 5500 and 5300 windows are […]

Curb Appeal Tips: Prepare for Curb Appeal Month 2016 with These Great Tips

  August is Curb Appeal Month. You may think we’re getting a very early start talking about August curb appeal in December, but this is what we do. We love helping you make your home look amazing throughout the year, and especially during August when many home improvement websites offer photo contests for the best […]