Curb Appeal Tips: Make Sure Your Home is Ready for Winter

  We all want our home to be properly sealed and insulated for winter. Most of us, especially in the greater Chicago area, have already started the winterization process because we’ve noticed the heat pump kicking on pretty frequently at night. Our deciduous trees and perennials are starting to succumb to fall’s cooler temperatures and […]

Curb Appeal Tips: Creating the Entry Door and Surround Combination

  The perfect entry door and surround isn’t going to just fall into your lap. It takes time and a lot of careful consideration to put the just right system together. The professionals at Lake Cook Exteriors are homeowners as well. We understand how exciting and simultaneously frustrating it can be. Choosing the door is […]

Christmas Gifts with Home Improvement on the Mind

  Halloween is just a couple of weeks away, and the holiday season is just around the corner. A lot of Palatine area homeowners are currently in the process of carving pumpkins and decorating their homes with fake spider webs – didn’t we just clean those off of our homes as part of fall cleanup? […]

Mix and Match Siding Options to Give Your Home Stellar Curb Appeal

  When buying, selling, or simply improving your home, there are several things that you can do. Oftentimes, people consider the inside of the home as the big set piece, but that’s not where sales are actually made. In fact, many people fall in love with the outside of a home before ever getting into […]

Make 2016 the Year Your Home’s Curb Appeal Receives a Boost

  Right now is the perfect time to start planning your spring and summer home improvement projects. Every homeowner wants their home to stand apart from the rest and to be unique compared to others in the neighborhood. Updating the siding makes the largest difference in the appearance of a home simply because it covers […]

Looking for New Guttering by Spring 2016? Let’s talk about Seamless Aluminum!

  Seamless aluminum guttering is the least expensive of the metal options for gutters. They’re very durable and look amazing when installed properly. We sell quite a lot of seamless aluminum guttering throughout the year because it is affordable and amazing with more than 25 colors available to match nearly every home. Our installation procedure […]

Design a Custom Entry Door and Surround to Perfectly Complement Your Home

  Any type of door can provide entry and exit from your home. But you don’t want just any old door; we know that much about you because you’re here reading our blog. We understand people like you. We know that you’re the type of homeowner who enjoys making their home look pretty amazing and […]

5 Signs that Your Gutters are Getting Clogged Up

  We enjoy working with homeowners who ask questions. We understand that you ask questions because you truly care about your home and the individual components that work together to keep it safe. One of the most common questions regarding the guttering system is how to identify when it is clogged up or when it […]

5 Reasons to Start Planning Now for a Spring Window Replacement

  Winter is just around the corner and the time for replacing windows before winter is coming to a close. Now is the perfect time to start planning for springtime window replacement. Let us help choose the perfect Simonton windows for your home’s new appearance. We have some pretty amazing Simonton Reflections 5500 vinyl double […]

The Amazing Difference Simonton 5500 Windows Make

  Simonton, one of the biggest names in windows, is offering a free triple pane option for windows during September. Make sure to get to our showroom to view the amazing options available and lock in your free triple pane windows as soon as possible. Take a look at some of the amazing options available […]