10 Reasons New Doors and Windows are the Perfect Home Improvement Project for 2016


Everyone likes home improvement projects that truly make a difference in your life and your wallet, right? That’s exactly what happens when you install new doors and windows. Yes, there’s the initial cost, but that isn’t what we’re talking about today. We’re talking about the monetary savings for years to come because you installed high quality windows and doors this year. You could actually start seeing improvements in your energy bill within a couple of months of installation. Let’s look at the top 10 reasons to install new doors and windows as your primary home improvement project for 2016.

  1. Curb Appeal – The obvious reason, right? New windows and doors are the second-best way to improve curb appeal; siding is in first place. Choose replacement windows that truly make a difference in the appearance of your home, and a replacement entry door to complement them.
  2. Energy Efficiency – Old windows and doors allow air to penetrate around the edges and seals, and the glass isn’t as well-insulated as today’s newer window glass.
  3. Improve Your View – Aged windows usually appear cloudy or dirty even when they’re freshly cleaned. New windows do not have that hazy appearance, allowing you to enjoy the view much more clearly.
  4. Security – Old locks can give way under pressure simply due to their age. New windows and doors provide more security with stronger glass and new locking mechanisms.
  5. Safety – Older windows may become stuck open or closed, or they may fall shut when you want them open. This can cause serious injury if anyone has fingers in the path of the falling window.
  6. Ease of Use – New windows are easier to open and close, and much easier to clean because they open and tilt inward for easier accessibility to both sides.
  7. Noise Control – New windows and doors offer better noise control than old ones. They are better-insulated and help block outside noise.
  8. Less Maintenance – No window or door is 100% maintenance-free, so don’t fall for that old line. You still have to inspect them occasionally, keep them clean, and you may choose to paint them as part of your maintenance routine. Most new windows don’t need to be painted, but many people enjoy changing the color of the entry door often.
  9. Increased Home Value – New windows and doors improve the monetary value of your home as well as the functional value and curb appeal.
  10. Comfort – Spread the furniture out more! New windows and doors are better insulated, so you can put furniture closer to them without the radiant heat or cold making you uncomfortable.

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