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Home Improvement Budget Requirements

Lake Cook Exteriors will bid each type of work on a separate proposal and will install the improvements in the stages that are listed above in order to meet the customer budget requirements.


The work can be done in any order. Ideally, a roof-tear off, including gutter removal, would be finished and then the gutters installed afterwards.  New windows and doors can be installed before, after or at the same time the siding is installed.  Soffit and fascia can be installed at anytime.


Vinyl windows are the most cost efficient solution to solve window problems. Wood windows cost twice as much and the wood will rot down the road.  Vinyl windows will never rot and have more extensive warrantees.


Locations & Size of Gutters and Downspouts

There are many factors that determine what the home needs. There are 5” or 6” gutters or standard 3” or 4” oversized downspouts; the style or design of the home may look better with aluminum gutters and others with copper gutter systems or half round gutter styles. Leaf protection helps prevent clogging and overflowing when used along with proper drainage.  There are many specs to consider when figuring a functional gutter and downspout sizes and locations on a home.

Check out our Gutters & Downspouts page!

The recommended industry procedure is to first remove the gutter system. Ice and water shield is installed on the roof edge. The roofing material is installed and then the new gutter system installed to complete the roof tear off.

You can spend $3.00 to $20.00 per foot for leaf protection. The fact is there is no perfect solution but some products to a better job than others. The most expensive company’s only guarantee they will come back and clean the gutters if they clog.


How To Prepare Your Home For Installation

We bring this to attention to the customer to remove pictures or fragile items from the outside walls in their house to avoid any breakage.

Hail Damage

Lake Cook Exteriors is not a storm chaser. Beware.  A storm chaser is a company that goes to towns after a hail storm. They require that you sign paperwork on the spot to guarantee the storm chaser will do the work if they get your insurance company to agree to reside on your home. The homeowner has no time to check out this kind of contractor.  If the storm chaser does do the work, the homeowner may not get a true warrantee because the company is not from the area. You are better off to get bids from local companies.