3 Home Upgrades You Should Never Overlook


Regardless of whether you are going to stay in your home for 30 some odd years, or you’re looking to sell it fairly soon, there are many updates and upgrades that you may want to look into. Some of them are designed specifically to increase the value of your home, while others are designed solely to increase the curb appeal. Remember; sometimes curb appeal makes up for the lack of value in the numbers. If you can capture the heart of a buyer, they’ll buy at asking price or over because they have made a connection. These exterior upgrades can help with that, no problem.

The Siding

Over time, no matter what you do, the siding is going to take a beating. Sometimes all it takes to spruce up neglected siding is to pressure wash it or paint it. Look at a variety of options and choose the right course of action based on your specific needs. A home’s siding must be stylish, durable, and able to stand the test of time. Siding doesn’t have to be just whatever your home’s finish is currently, such as stucco, brick, or other raw materials. An upgrade in siding can pay off in dividends down the line.

The Windows

Windows are interesting in that they are sometimes focused upon as utility only. They offer a good deal of lighting and can open up to let airflow through the home, but they can be used for unique design appeal as well. Well-designed windows can change the way that you look at your home’s exterior, as well as the interior. Upgrading the windows not only helps your home become more efficient in terms of heating and cooling, it can also change the curb appeal in an amazing way. Windows tell a story, so don’t overlook them.

The Gutters

Gutters aren’t a fabulous thing to talk about. People get bored with this, but when they are spot on, and look amazing, you will notice them and so will your neighbors, friends, and family. Custom seamless gutters are quite nice, but if you want to go ornate, look for custom copper gutters. Custom copper will showcase a whole new sense of design elegance, and still take on the rain that we see each storm season. Gutters and downspouts can be decorative and functional without much effort.

These of course are just 3 home updates that increase the curb appeal of your home. They get overlooked often, but if you plan carefully you can design gorgeous flow and function with each element. Choose new windows, gutters, downspouts, and siding that really stand out and offer an amazing new appearance for your home.

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