5 Reasons Why New Windows are the Perfect Home Improvement Project


If you are considering what your next home improvement project should be, it may be time to think about new windows. You may feel a light breeze when standing near your closed windows, or they may appear aged and out of date. Installing replacement windows in your home can provide many benefits, including the peace of mind in knowing all of your air conditioning isn’t escaping.

Save Money

New windows, like all home improvement projects, are an investment. In this case it is one that really pays off. Savings come in many forms when you decide to install new windows. Energy efficient replacement windows enable you to claim a tax credit on your federal tax return and reduce your utility spending. You may be pleasantly surprised how little time it takes for your new windows to pay for themselves.

Increase the Value of Your Home

The improved energy efficiency of your home is just one characteristic of new windows that will be appealing when the time comes to sell your home. New windows are also evidence that your home has been well cared for and maintained. And the best part…? They greatly increase your home’s curb appeal.

Enjoy Greater Functionality

New windows are designed to easily open and close, swing out for cleaning, and include built in screens for letting the breeze in on pleasant days. Many older windows are not equipped with these features and can be difficult to open and close, let alone do anything else with them. With new windows you can enjoy letting the outside in when you like and having it closed firmly out as needed.

Let in Natural Light

Because of the inferior glass used in older style windows, only a small amount of sunlight is actually allowed into your home. Other windows let in sun but let it heat up your home on a sunny day as well. New, energy efficient windows are designed to let in plenty of light while blocking the heat.

Enjoy the View

Old windows may have scratched, foggy surfaces that block your view. The crystal clear glass available in new windows, even when double and triple paned, will give you a view that appears unaltered by your window panes.

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