5 Signs that Your Gutters are Getting Clogged Up


We enjoy working with homeowners who ask questions. We understand that you ask questions because you truly care about your home and the individual components that work together to keep it safe. One of the most common questions regarding the guttering system is how to identify when it is clogged up or when it needs to be cleaned. So that’s what we’re going to talk about today.

  • Staining or Mildew on the Exterior – Any type of water damage, staining, or mildew on the exterior of the gutter or downspout could be indicative of standing water within the system. Water that isn’t flowing is causing problems that will make themselves known in time.
  • You Aren’t Sure When the Gutters Were Cleaned Last – You likely remember the date you signed the mortgage paperwork and took ownership of your home. Have you cleaned the guttering or had someone clean it since then? Try to make a point to schedule a cleaning at least once a year.
  • You See Leaves or Debris in the Gutters – A walking inspection through your lawn can reveal a lot of stuff. If you happen to see leaves or debris in the gutters, they need to be cleaned before they become completely clogged.
  • Sagging Gutters – Water, leaves, and debris are heavy. They may accumulate and become heavy enough to make the guttering sag or even pull away from the home entirely. If you notice any bowing or separation, they need to be cleaned and maybe repaired or replaced if the damage is bad enough.
  • Weeds Growing from the Gutters – Greenery growing out of the gutters is a tell-tale sign that leaves have disintegrated and become rich enough soil to allow the growth of new plants. If you have an unintended weed garden growing out of the guttering, it is well-passed time to clean the guttering.
  • Pests Living in the Gutters – Mice, squirrels, and other small animals may begin to make nests or traveling along your gutters if the conditions are comfortable enough. If you notice any small animals walking through the gutters, take a look to see how much cleaning needs to be done.

Clean Gutters and Downspouts Regularly

The guttering system is designed to catch runoff water from the roof that would otherwise damage the siding, foundation, or landscaping around your home. It’s a pretty amazing system when it is working properly. Regular cleaning and inspection will ensure that they’re in tip top shape and functioning properly. You can inspect them yourself by using a ladder so you can look down into the gutters, and knocking on the downspouts to make sure they sound hollow.

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