7 Fabulous Basement Makeover Ideas for 2016


There’s a little guilty pleasure that all homeowners indulge in from time to time regardless of the size or layout of their home. How many times have you caught yourself thinking something along the lines of, “if I could remove this wall and open up that area…” or “it would really be nice if I had a home office where I could keep an eye on things without constant interruptions…”? Sometimes we even allow our imagination to create those spaces just to see if we really want to go through the remodeling process to make it happen. Today we’re going to talk about 7 fabulous basement makeover ideas to consider for 2016.

The basement is an incredible space. It nearly doubles the square footage of a single story home and allows a plethora of options ranging from home theater to game room, or home gym. Here are some other great basement makeover ideas:

  1. Open Floor Plan – The basement is usually very open because we choose to allow it to evolve over time. Keep that amazing open floor plan and create a multi-functional space that includes a small kitchen, craft area, play area, and entertainment area. Separate the different areas using nothing more than paint color.
  2. Paint – Simply painting the walls, trim, and paintable furniture makes a world of difference in the basement. Play with colors that really stand out from the colors you use in the rest of the house. Choose highly saturated colors or warm and inviting colors that help brighten each room.
  3. Textures – Texture makes a huge difference in the appearance of colors. Consider damask or microfiber furniture with chenille throws and faux fur pillows in varying colors. Use pillows and throws that complement the decor of the entire area and look like they belong wherever you happen to leave them.
  4. Transform Unused Areas – Unused areas of the basement can become nearly anything you desire. If you have, for example, a bland entryway to the basement, consider sprucing up the entry zone with paint. You may even find a mudroom and laundry room combo very useful here.
  5. Mudroom – Let’s dive into the idea of the mudroom a little more. We all love the idea of keeping our house clean. We also know that the very idea is practically impossible with a family of people who love outdoor things. That’s why a mudroom is such a great idea for the basement entry area. This is the perfect spot for a full bath, a changing room, lockers, laundry facilities, and even a spot to bathe the dog when it’s been helping you with the landscaping.
  6. Arctic Entry – Create your own arctic entrance for when the family wants to play in the snow or when the dog needs to go out during cold weather.
  7. New Windows and Doors – People don’t often think of window and door replacement for the basement, but it’s extremely important for the efficiency of your home. Consider window size and placement, and see if you can effectively add additional windows for more natural light in the basement. Egress windows are required by most building codes and an escape door is also required in most areas. Don’t settle for just any old window or door when you can buy the best for your next basement project.

Basement remodeling or renovation is pretty exciting. There are so many things you can do to improve the living spaces available in the basement. Once you start really looking into different basement makeover ideas, you’re sure to find several things you can implement in your own home. If we can help you in any way, come by our showroom to check out our guttering to protect your basement from water and our doors and windows that are sure to catch your attention. Our showroom is located at 50 East Palatine Road in Palatine, IL. Or you can call us at 847-991-9180.