How to Choose the Perfect Patio Doors for Your Home


Many elements factor into your final decision when choosing a patio door. The size and design are very important aspects, but you also need to take energy efficiency, material, and style into consideration. Let’s take a look at several things we think all homeowners should take into consideration when choosing the perfect patio door.

  1. Design – Design deserves to be near the top of the list, if not at the very top. The door itself will likely become a focal point for the room that exits to the patio, so it should have all of the functionality required to fit your needs for many years to come. Take our new Simonton patio door, Inovo, for example. You can choose between several different amazing options like sculptured grids, custom exterior solid colors, wood grain interiors, and internal blinds. Our new Merril Millwork Park Vue patio door is also very versatile and has many design options to choose from.
  2. Style – Style is equally as important as the design. The door must be stylish and capable of complementing a variety of decor options, as it will likely outlast several changes of furniture and decoration items.
  3. Energy Efficiency – The door must be energy efficient and able to withstand the weather changes that northern IL can throw at it.
  4. Complementary on Both Sides – The interior of the door and the framing must complement the interior of your home while showcasing the patio and lawn as if they are works of art. The exterior of the door must simultaneously create an elegant appearance that showcases the interior of your home when you look into it from the patio or lawn.
  5. Door Swing Direction – Many people choose sliding patio doors in order to minimize the area needed for door swing. A door that swings into the room needs space in order to operate properly. The same goes for a door that swings out.
  6. Material – Vinyl is one of the most versatile materials for doors and windows because it can withstand the rigors of North Chicago area weather.

Choosing the perfect patio door should take time and careful consideration. We understand the sometimes-overwhelming choices involving design, style, color, and materials. We would be happy to show you some of the doors we currently have in stock. Consider ordering your new patio door a few months before you will be ready to install it, because our schedule can get pretty busy during the spring and summer months.

Visit our showroom at 50 East Palatine Road in Palatine, IL, if you would like to see our doors first hand. Or you can call us at 847-991-9180 to schedule an appointment to discuss your options and get more information about our lines of exterior home beautification products. Remember that August is officially Curb Appeal Month, so let us help you enhance your home’s curb appeal with new doors, windows, siding, or guttering.