Curb Appeal Tips: 6 High Impact Low Cost Home Improvements Sure to Wow Every Homeowner


Curb appeal includes portions of the interior of your home as well as all exterior elements. The lighting, decor, and wall colors as they are seen through windows, for example, have an impact on how your home looks from the curb. Many people opt for mini blinds to prevent glimpses of valuable belongings through the windows. Blinds or curtains are always an option, but consider dressing the windows with plants and lighting that allow only a small glimpse from a distance. Here are six great ideas for improving curb appeal with the exterior elements of your home.

Update the Exterior Lighting

Exterior lighting fixtures often last for several decades. They do, however, lose their luster and become outdated over time. Lighting that is stuck in decades past needs to be updated and brought to current. Look for fixtures that appeal to you from an artistic standpoint or that you feel would mesh well with other elements of your outdoor decor.

Replace the Front Door

A new entry door is an amazing way to dress up the front of the house. Entry doors, like lighting, generally last for several years. They may become dented or damaged in time, causing them to lose their appeal. Choose a door that works well with the other exterior elements of your home. Create an entirely new appearance with one of our Therma Tru fiberglass or steel doors and a Pella storm door.

Add Entry Door Surrounds

Surrounds are the decorative panels on either side, or both sides, or the top of the door. Get really creative and add a surround on each side and the top. Use glass so you can easily see who is at the door before opening it and to give people a very small glimpse of the foyer. Make sure the foyer helps improve your home’s curb appeal as well if it is seen from the curb. We regularly work with Fypon surrounds because they’re extremely high quality and impressively beautiful.

Paint the Shutters and Other Exterior Elements

Shutters, eves, porches, decks, and other exterior elements need to be maintained and painted occasionally. A fresh coat of paint can renew the existing appearance or create an entirely new look simply by changing the color. Always choose a color that complements the overall appearance you wish to achieve.

Replace Damaged Gutters and Downspouts

The home’s gutter system often provides more functionality than curb appeal, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. Yes, the gutters and downspouts have to protect your home and grounds from damage and erosion, but they can do it with style and dramatic flair. A new gutter and downspout system can provide that finishing touch that you crave.

Hire a Professional Cleaner

Most homeowners purchase a pressure washer or rent one for cleaning their home. Consider taking that a step further this year and hire a professional cleaner. Every home can benefit greatly from a professional cleaning once a year, or even once every couple of years. A clean home is a beautiful home.

Curb Appeal in Palatine, IL

Curb appeal issues can be addressed any time of the year. We can help with all of your curb appeal needs where your home is concerned. Our extensive lines of siding, entry doors, surrounds, windows, and guttering provide all you need to tackle multiple projects throughout the year. Stop by our showroom at 50 East Palatine Road in Palatine, IL or call us at 847-991-9180 to discuss your home improvement needs.