Curb Appeal Tips: 7 Reasons You Should Plan Your Projects Early


Early planning is a good thing in many areas of life. Home improvement projects fall into that category beautifully. Planning your home improvement and curb appeal projects early gives you extra planning time and allows you to take advantage of winter sales that may not exist during the spring and summer months. Let’s take a look at several other ways early project planning is beneficial to all homeowners looking to improve curb appeal.

  1. Save Money – We’ll start here because we just mentioned it. We offer some pretty great winter sales that aren’t available throughout spring and summer. We do this because the special pricing helps you kick the planning process into high gear. Savings of $20 to $30 per window really adds up when you’re replacing every window in your home. Order early to lock in those prices and get on the books for installation sooner.
  2. Save Time – We’re preparing to start installing doors and windows as soon as the weather breaks. We already have several clients on the books and products waiting to be installed. Early preparation allows us to have everything ready to go as soon as weather permits.
  3. Delivery of Products – Delivery of products takes approximately six to eight weeks. We strongly recommend ordering between December and January so your home beautification products will arrive in a timely manner and we can get you scheduled as quickly as possible.
  4. Scheduling Issues – The earlier you order your home improvement products, the sooner we can get you on the books for installation. We run into scheduling issues during the busy summer and fall months, and installation may be delayed.
  5. More Planning Time – Early preparation gives us more planning time, but it also gives you more time to plan. You should have a pretty good idea of what you’re going to do by the time you visit our showroom to place your order. Once your order is placed and your product selections are locked in, you can begin planning other parts of the curb appeal project.
  6. Time to Modify Plans – You don’t have to stick to your originally chosen paint colors and such after you’ve ordered your siding, windows, or doors from us. We can’t make changes from our end once the products have been ordered, but you can still modify some of the other choices; like painting the porch a bright color instead of dark, or planting more perennials than annuals.
  7. Time to Design Landscaping – Take your time in designing your landscaping. We will be very careful while installing your siding or other products, but some landscape elements may take damage. Try to plan your landscaping for after we’ve finished our part of the job.

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