Curb Appeal Tips: Creating the Entry Door and Surround Combination


The perfect entry door and surround isn’t going to just fall into your lap. It takes time and a lot of careful consideration to put the just right system together. The professionals at Lake Cook Exteriors are homeowners as well. We understand how exciting and simultaneously frustrating it can be. Choosing the door is the first part, so let’s start there.

You have to buy a door that you love. Don’t settle for something you like when the door you love may be just around the corner or on the next page of the catalog. We carry an amazing line of Therma Tru entry doors, and we feel that you will be able to find your perfect door with relative ease either on our showroom floor or in one of our catalogs.

Your surround should match the door perfectly. That is why we recommend buying your surround from the same company you buy the door from – that way you’re guaranteed a good match. The Fypon surrounds we use are of very high quality, gorgeous design, and will fit beautifully with your chosen Therma Tru entry door.

Consider Your Home’s Exterior

Before you go all out and buy a door with intricate designs, take a good look at your home. What style or type of door would go well with your home? Take the color and architectural design of your home into consideration as well. The perfect door should add to the beauty and sophistication of your home, not overshadow it.

Consider Your Foyer

Some of the most gorgeous surrounds we sell have decorative windows. They look amazing from the outside, but that’s actually something you need to keep in mind – windows allow people a glimpse into your home. Is your foyer ready for the attention? You probably don’t even pay attention to it when you drive by other people’s homes, but you do get a sneak peek into their foyer when you drive past. If this idea makes you uncomfortable, you can install small blinds on each side or really dress your foyer up to shine.

Do You Need a Storm Door?

Whether or not you use a storm door depends on the type of entry door you purchase and whether you feel like you need a storm door. A storm door does help protect your entry door from bumps and scratches, but it can get cumbersome when you’re carrying kids, pets, or groceries into the house and you need to unlock two doors instead of one.

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