Curb Appeal Tips: Make Sure Your Home is Ready for Winter


We all want our home to be properly sealed and insulated for winter. Most of us, especially in the greater Chicago area, have already started the winterization process because we’ve noticed the heat pump kicking on pretty frequently at night. Our deciduous trees and perennials are starting to succumb to fall’s cooler temperatures and go into dormancy for the winter. This is the time of year that we start thinking about winter curb appeal, because everything is so drab – or white. So today we’re going to show you some incredible ways to maintain your home’s curb appeal throughout the winter.

  1. Stay on top of the snow removal. Yes, everywhere else is white, but if you keep the snow shoveled off of the steps, sidewalk, and driveway, you’re a step ahead of everyone else.
  2. Keep evergreen shrubbery and seasonal potted plants. Annuals are available throughout every season. We use annuals to supplement color varieties through the spring and summer, so make sure to follow that through for fall and winter as well.
  3. Display spots of artificial flowers or other outdoor decor. Wreaths are a lovely way to display a splash of color. A wreath on one of our Therma Tru entry doors is even better because you’ve put the effort in to install an amazing door and surround before winter hit.
  4. Accessorize the front yard and landscaping with color. Hang a few brightly colored birdfeeders and squirrel feeders. Take the comedic route and stand a snow measuring stick in the yard.
  5. Keep lighting options dim and warm. No one wants to be immediately blinded by snow as soon as they step out day and night. You can’t avoid it during the day but you can at night by using dim light bulbs in porch fixtures and solar lights to light the way up the sidewalk. Solar lights are lightweight and easy to push into snow banks alongside the sidewalk or driveway.

Just because everything is blanketed in white doesn’t mean your home’s curb appeal has to suffer during the winter months. Add some color here or there and make sure all of the kids’ toys are put away after they’ve built their snowman and played in the snow. Consider displaying a new welcome mat that distracts from the cold and snow.

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