Curb Appeal Tips: Prepare for Curb Appeal Month 2016 with These Great Tips


August is Curb Appeal Month. You may think we’re getting a very early start talking about August curb appeal in December, but this is what we do. We love helping you make your home look amazing throughout the year, and especially during August when many home improvement websites offer photo contests for the best looking home. Let’s take a look at some great ideas to amplify your home’s appeal in 2016.

  • Attractive Entry Door: Entry doors have come a long way design-wise in the last 10 years. We’ve seen them go from solid panels with a few decorative accents to amazing pieces of art that make the entryway look incredible.
  • Large Windows: Window replacement is the second-most effective way to give your home a facelift. New windows brighten the overall appearance of your home and allow more natural light to enter your home.
  • Unusually Shaped Windows: Adding more windows or enlarging the existing window openings in your home often requires the assistance of a licensed contractor. You may even need a building permit if support studs need to be modified. Adding unusually shaped windows to your home allows more natural lighting options and adds a bit of intrigue to the appearance of your home.
  • Architectural Uniqueness: Add dormers, build a room over the garage, extend the roof over the porch, or add an A-frame to your entryway. Any type of architectural change you can make to your home will make it stand out and draw the attention of passersby.
  • New Roofing and Accent Roofing: Most roofing material doesn’t need to be replaced for at least 20 years. If it’s time to replace your roofing material, consider going bold. Create opportunities to implement copper roofing in areas like the dormers or over the porch.
  • Landscaping: Create a garden walkway, add a lot of greenery, and strategically place a few flower gardens. Gardens help liven up the landscaping and add unique appeal to the home’s exterior.
  • Lighting: Exterior lighting is extremely important when you are looking to make a statement. You may intend to use lighting as part of your security system, but that doesn’t mean it has to be plain. Go as ornate as you want with the exterior lighting for your home.
  • Water Features: A small pond or fountain adds a nice ambiance to the landscaping while adding a lot to the curb appeal. It offers even more landscaping options including large rocks or fish.
  • Fire Features: Tiki torches or braziers are a great way to add warmth, personality, and light to your home’s landscaping. Consider adding them on the deck and in other key areas around the grounds.

Curb Appeal in Palatine, IL

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