Curb Appeal Tips: Start Planning for Curb Appeal Month Now


Curb appeal month is August, so let’s start planning! It may only be early February, but now is the perfect time to start planning your new siding, windows, entry door, surrounds, or guttering. Early planning is actually essential to a successful project for a variety of reasons.

  • Save Money – The best way to save money on a curb appeal project is to plan early. You can, for example, get your flowers bulbs in the ground sooner so you can enjoy fragrant blossoms and impressive color when August rolls around. You can also buy things on sale or while companies have winter discounts going.
  • Avoid Scheduling Conflicts – Remember that it takes at least a few weeks for products to arrive once the order has been placed. We will schedule the installation shortly after product arrival, so it may be another few days or a week before we can fit you in. Early planning means early ordering, early delivery, and early scheduling so you avoid the scheduling conflicts that often arise.
  • Plenty of Delivery Time – You can’t comfortably order a new entry door and surround in July and expect it to be installed before curb appeal month in August. It’s unrealistic and will lead to frustration. The beautification of your property cannot be rushed.
  • Time to Plan and Implement Landscaping – Again, early planning allows you to get those bulbs or seeds in the ground with plenty of time to see them grow and blossom before August. We recommend starting your flowers or other plants indoors or in a garage or greenhouse if they will be planted around the area where our installers will be working. We always try to avoid damage to your landscaping, but if the wind blows old siding onto your new plants, there’s not a lot we can do about it. Plan early, get your flowers started, and get the rest of the landscaping ready to add the color!

We’re curb appeal crazy here at Lake Cook Exteriors from January to August. We feel that every home should and can look its best throughout the year, but especially during curb appeal month. This is when photographers are out and about looking for the perfect opportunity to hone their skills. Start planning now, visit us within the next few weeks, and we’ll help you get the ball rolling on your upcoming project.

Bill and Karen and the rest of the crew at Lake Cook Exteriors would like to invite you to visit our showroom at 50 East Palatine Road in Palatine, IL. Give us a call at 847-991-9180 if you would like to discuss your ideas and schedule a specific time to come see us. We would be glad to show you the products we have in the showroom or give you plenty of space to browse on your own.