Customize the Entry Door to Create a Unique Curb Appeal


The entry door serves many different purposes. It’s how you enter and exit the home, it’s where you welcome and invite friends and family, and it protects your home and family from the elements. There’s absolutely no reason your entry door shouldn’t look amazing while performing its job, right? Let’s talk about a few ways you can customize the entry door and entryway to your home.

The Door

The first thing you’re going to find when looking for a new entry door is that they are available in wood, steel, or fiberglass. All three options can take on the appearance of wood, or they may be painted a solid color. The choice is yours entirely. We work primarily with Therma Tru fiberglass and steel doors. We generally prefer fiberglass over steel because they’re lighter and very durable. They don’t dent like steel doors, and they’re easy to repair if they do happen to take damage. Our doors are available in a variety of designs from plain to very ornate.


The color you choose to paint the door should complement the rest of the home while conveying your own personal sense of style. The door color should work well with the surround you choose and help create a unique appeal when combined with other elements of the entryway like:

  • Windows
  • Decorative Elements
  • Hardware


The surround is the part of the entryway that surrounds the entry door. Many homeowners choose windows or some ornate fiberglass panels that they paint to match the door. The look of the surround depends entirely on your personal tastes.

Porch or Covered Stoop

Even an otherwise plain looking home can be made more interesting with the simple addition of a small covered porch or a covered stoop. A small covered stoop serves as a unique and distinctive element for the front of your home. You may dress it up using stone, brick, or other decorative materials. Take the opportunity to create an amazing entryway in addition to the new entry door and surrounds.

We encourage you to visit our showroom at 50 East Palatine Road in Palatine, IL. We will gladly show you the entry door options we have available so you can get a hands-on experience with them to help choose the perfect door for your home. Call us at 847-991-9180 to discuss your upcoming project, to schedule installation, or to view the products on our showroom floor. We will show you some pretty amazing ways to increase your home’s curb appeal with our products from entry doors to siding or a guttering system.