Design a Custom Entry Door and Surround to Perfectly Complement Your Home


Any type of door can provide entry and exit from your home. But you don’t want just any old door; we know that much about you because you’re here reading our blog. We understand people like you. We know that you’re the type of homeowner who enjoys making their home look pretty amazing and that you’re willing to put your creativity to work to achieve that goal. Today we’re going to talk about some of the incredible options available to fully customize the entry door area of your home.

Choosing Your Door and Surrounds

Choosing the right products for your individual desires takes time and careful consideration. You have several things to think about before making the final decision. Here are the doors and surrounds we work with on a regular basis:

  • Therma Tru Fiberglass Doors: We carry a lovely line of Therma Tru doors. Our doors are available in fiberglass or steel. Today we’re going to talk primarily about fiberglass because those are our favored choice. Fiberglass doesn’t bend or dent like steel, and it’s available in a variety of design choices.
  • Fypon Surrounds: The right surround really makes the entryway look pretty amazing. We work primarily with Fypon Surrounds because we love the quality, durability, and design options available. We have surrounds with plain glass, decorative glass, stained glass, cast iron, and many other options.
  • Storm Doors: Top it off with a storm door. Storm doors aren’t for every homeowner. We understand that some people don’t like them. We do, however, have a beautiful line of storm doors to protect the investment you’re considering making in your entry door.

Other Considerations

The Size: Will your new door be standard or oversized? Many homeowners are choosing to go with an oversized door to complement the trend of high ceilings. A taller door adds a dramatic appearance to your home and creates the illusion of more space.

The Color: Your entryway makes the first impression on guests who visit your home. The color you choose should be inviting yet complement other elements of your home’s exterior. We would be glad to work with you to design the perfect custom entry door and surround, and the color as well.

Glass or No Glass: Surrounds with glass panels may offer the best way to see who is knocking at the door before you open it. You may also choose thick glass, stained glass, smoky glass, or a variety of other styles. The choice is yours entirely.

Stop by our showroom at 50 East Palatine Road in Palatine, IL if you would like to see some of the doors and surrounds in person. We will happily show you around and discuss how some surrounds may be better than others for specific uses. Let’s start planning for an awesome spring makeover to improve the curb appeal of your home!