How Many Things Can You Donate after Your Home Improvement Project?


Most people perform home improvement projects and replace parts of their home when they look a bit aged, but are still in perfect working condition. Some homeowners choose to sell their gently used doors, guttering, and windows, but others give them away, donate them, or throw them into the garbage. So today we wanted to talk to you about donating your used items. You can usually receive a tax deduction for them, so why not?

Places in the Chicago Area that Accept Donations

We’re pretty sure there are other places to donate used materials, but these places come to mind right away:

  • Goodwill
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • ReBuilding Exchange
  • Zealous Good
  • Charity Pick-up Services
  • Salvation Army

Call them to make sure they accept entry doors, surrounds, guttering, and windows before you make arrangements to have your donations picked up or deliver them unexpectedly. Some places request that you wait and deliver within a certain timeframe or they will schedule a time for pickup.

Why Donate?

Why not? If you’re already replacing certain exterior components of your home, why not donate your used items to people in need. Most donations such as these are tax deductible, so you have nothing to lose. Your used items will be cleaned up, repaired if necessary, and used to help someone else with their home improvement needs.

What Can You Donate?

We know that Habitat for Humanity accepts a lot of things like household items, doors, windows, and other building materials. They use building materials to build or repair homes for low income families here in the United States and for others in other countries as well. Their reach spreads to nearly every continent. Consider donating your:

  • Entry Doors – Many people across America place a rolled rug at the base of the door and hang a blanket across it to ward off the winter chill. A new door, even if it’s used, would make a world of difference.
  • Siding – Siding can be reused. Consider donating your old siding after the new siding is in place.
  • Windows – Some homes across America still have single paned windows. Some of those homes are inhabited by veterans or elderly people who cannot afford new windows so they cover them with plastic to help against winter’s cold weather. New windows would offer them added warmth and security through the winter months, and help reduce their utility bills as well.
  • Gutters and Downspouts – Gutters and downspouts that are still in good condition can be reconditioned to be reused.

You could help so many people with a single act of kindness, and it’s all tax deductible to boot. That’s a good enough reason to donate your used home exterior items to one of the charitable organizations above, right? If you’re ready to get started on the planning process for your home improvement project, give one of our technicians a call at 847-991-9180 and we’ll schedule an appointment. Feel free to drop by our showroom at 50 East Palatine Rd, Palatine IL. We’d be happy to show you the high quality products we carry and help you choose the best items for your next project.