How Many Windows Does Your Master Bathroom Need?


The master bathroom is designed for a specific purpose; to be the most comfortable and relaxing bathroom in the entire home. It is called the master bath because it is generally attached to the master bedroom in which the owner, or master, of the home sleeps. The master bath can be as simple or as intricate as you wish. It should also have as many windows as you would like, because natural light makes the space come alive. Here are several ways to enjoy natural light in the bath with multiple windows.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Small windows positioned high on the wall have a unique way of introducing natural light into the bathroom without giving full view of the bathroom to the outside world. They are generally about six to eight inches tall and installed in rows as wide as you wish. Consider using them to line all outward-facing walls in the bathroom for a hefty visual impact.

Midsize Bathroom Windows

Unique window styles are a wonderful way to bring attention to your bathroom from both the interior of your home and the exterior as well. Oddly shaped or sized windows offer a great opportunity to increase curb appeal while bringing natural light into your home. Midsize windows provide a way to introduce a good amount of light without having windows that are so large they allow visibility from every angle.

Large Bathroom Windows

Large windows are the most effective way to introduce a large amount of natural light into the bathroom. Consider installing large windows for natural light near mirrors where you normally get ready to go out and near floor length mirrors so you can see how you really look before leaving home. The soaking tub is a lovely spot for large windows because you can relax while enjoying the view of the outdoors.

Merge Skylights with Wall Windows

Create the ultimate in viewing and natural light by adding skylights in the bathroom. Take this idea a step further by installing windows of equal width below the skylights to really increase visibility. Imagine soaking in the tub while watching the next meteor shower in complete comfort, thanks to your skylights and perfectly-placed bathroom windows.

Window Treatments for Bathrooms

Not many homeowners want large windows in the bathroom for a variety of reasons. Large windows allow you to see out, but they also allow others to see in – unless you use the right kind of window treatments. Blinds and curtains are very popular, but don’t stop there when there are so many other options to check out. Some window sun screens allow you complete visibility out of the room without allowing visibility from outside looking in. These are a wonderful option if you enjoy large windows in the bathroom.

How Many?

Let’s get back to the original question; how many windows does your master bathroom need? The quick answer is as many as you want. No, seriously. Your bathroom can have as many windows as you want, because it’s your bathroom. Talk to your builder or bathroom remodeler about the type, shape, and number of windows you want in your bathroom. And then come to see the incredible variety of windows we have available in our showroom.

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