How to Use Color to Tie Your Curb Appeal Together Perfectly


Architectural style, choices of materials, and color are the primary things that give our homes a sense of individuality and set them apart from every other home in the neighborhood. We all know the basic idea of curb appeal, but do we really know how color ties everything together? Do you know which elements can match in color vs. those elements that shouldn’t match because of overuse of color or patterns? Let’s look at a few great ideas and then a few not-so-great ideas for how to use color.

Exterior Elements that Can Match

  • Window and Door Framing
  • Windows and Soffit
  • Windows and the Guttering System
  • Windows and Entry Door Surrounds
  • Shutters and Entry Door Surrounds
  • Shutters and Porch Pillars
  • Shutters and Exterior Doors – not including the entry door
  • Entry Door and Garage Doors

Exterior Elements that Should Not Match

  • Entry Door and Other Exterior Doors
  • Siding and Anything Else

The entry door should generally be a stand-alone unit. It’s the entry point of the home and should stand out, though the garage door can usually be the same color without a problem. You can use rugs, furniture, or other items to tie the door color into the rest of the home.

The siding is always going to be the determining factor for the rest of the home, so if you’re just building or planning to install new siding, keep that fact in mind. Your siding choice can make or break your home’s curb appeal. Your home should ideally blend with its immediate surroundings, so make sure to make color choices that will complement the immediate area.

Choosing a color palette for your home isn’t always a cut and dry process, and you may get it wrong the first time or two. You can visit a few websites online that offer the ability to upload a photo of your home so you can virtually paint it to get an idea of the color scheme. You can also hire a local color consultant, or get ideas from your friends and family. The option you choose is entirely up to you, but you’re sure to get some great ideas that you probably didn’t even think of if you ask friends and family for ideas.

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