How Vinyl Replacement Windows Make Your Home Look Amazing


New windows have a way of really transforming the outward appearance of your home. Replacement of the same size windows may not seem like such a big deal, but today’s advances in windows will add so much value to your home; both aesthetic and monetary. Our line of Simonton 5500 and 5300 windows are amazing quality and will improve the energy efficiency of your home in addition to improving the curb appeal by leaps and bounds.

Some homeowners don’t realize that window replacement is the second-most important thing you can do to improve the home’s curb appeal. The number-one thing you can do is replace the siding because it is the largest part of the home. Windows make such an impact because the window glass is so nice, clear and sparkly, and the frame is very bright and white (with most vinyl windows).

Window Replacement as Part of a Home Remodel

The remodeling process includes working with a home designer and remodeling company to create a new layout for the interior of your home. Why not include window replacement as part of the remodeling process? Create an entirely new interior and modify the appearance of the exterior of your home as well.

Add one large window where multiple small windows currently sit, or create a bay window where there is no window at all. A remodeling project is the perfect time to add new window placements because you already have a building permit to work on supporting walls.

How Replacement Windows Brighten Your Home’s Interior

Replacement windows, even in-kind windows (same size), change the overall feel of a room. The new windows may be white vinyl where the old windows were wood-framed. Old windows often become slightly damaged and glazed by the sun’s UV rays and cleaning residue. New windows are bright, clear, and free of all damage.

Order Windows Early

Window orders generally take at least four weeks to arrive. Order all of your windows at least six weeks in advance so we’re sure they are here on time. We will also work with your contractor to coordinate when to order windows or other materials you choose to buy from us. We will make sure to order things in a timely manner so everything comes together nicely when it’s time to install your new windows.

Curb Appeal in Palatine, IL

Curb appeal issues can be addressed any time of the year. We can help with all of your curb appeal needs where your home is concerned. Our extensive lines of siding, entry doors, surrounds, windows, and guttering provide all you need to tackle multiple projects throughout the year. Stop by our showroom at 50 East Palatine Road in Palatine, IL or call us at 847-991-9180 to discuss your home improvement needs.