Make a Statement with Your Window and Door Choices


It’s easy to get caught up with simple functionality when it comes to your home. Many people think of their home in terms of function over design. From the front doors to the windows and treatments that are put into place, people often overlook some of the design quirks that could very well improve the value of a home. If you are looking to inject your personality into the aesthetic appeal of your home, it’s time to visit our showroom here at Lake Cook Exteriors. We will help you choose the ideal entry door and windows to breathe new life into your home.

Striking Personality

What kind of home do you have? Is it a ranch home or a multi-level complex design? You have to take the style of your home into consideration so that you can match windows to the style of architecture that you have invested into. The architectural elements of your home’s facade can help with creating the right visuals in regards to window choices.

Furthermore, make sure that you also take into consideration the framing, the way windows may open, and what the sole purpose of each window may be. If you want ventilation, perhaps you want a larger opening; if you want visual design, make sure that the window frames are colorful and complement exterior design. There are a lot of factors to juggle here, so don’t assume you’re relegated to just function over everything else, because you’re not.

Your First Impression

The entry door can speak volumes about your personality. What type of door do you really want people to see on your home? Are you in the market for something standard or something amazing? Millions of homeowners have just a standard single door that is not really a reflection of their personality. If you want to establish something a bit more poignant, then change things up and create an amazing entry door for your home.

Remember, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. So take your time, plan ahead, and create an entry door that really speaks volumes about you. As you consider the door, make sure that you also consider the immediate entrance. What do people to see as they walk into your home? When the door opens, do people walk into a large foyer, or do they simply step into your living room or family room? Create the entrance you want using our amazing products and your equally amazing home.

Creating the perfect entry door isn’t just about buying a nice fiberglass door and hanging it in the existing doorway. Visit our showroom at 50 East Palatine Road in Palatine, IL, and we’ll be happy to discuss entry door options with you in detail. Just remember, your front door is like a welcoming handshake to people who visit. It can either make a great first impression, or it can just be something basic and forgettable.