Telling a Story with Windows at the Helm


Any time you view a home from the outside one of the stand-out components that you will notice immediately is the windows. The windows of a home tell a story, they give off life and meaning when people see the home from the curb. The whole notion of curb appeal in the realtor’s handbook is designed to work hand in hand with how glass is used to convey elements of a house. When designed and installed correctly, windows can absolutely shine and create a balancing act that is hard to describe at first glance. Let’s take a look at how you can work with a variety of replacement window options.

The Glass

The first homes had windows but did not have glass at all. Working shutters were used to keep out harsh weather; otherwise the home was open to sunshine, warmth, and a nice breeze. The introduction of glass windows allowed homeowners to keep the shutters open during a storm so they could take advantage of daylight. Window glass has come a very long way since the early days.

Single pane glass was the norm in the early days of home building and modernization. They didn’t hold heat in very well and were easily broken. That has changed in many ways. Now when you want to update your windows, you will find that you can choose many different sizes and shapes in single, double, or even triple paned glass. The increased efficiency in today’s window options means that you will not have to spend as much on heating and cooling. The glass in your windows matters just as much as the design points that you want to highlight, and these help tell that story you want to convey when someone is walking up to or entering your home.

Letting the Light In

For those who want to have natural light within a room, windows offer the perfect solution. Bay windows, for instance, can really open up a room and make it innately brighter. However, you can also use windows to allow the outside world in and balance concept of family and community with just enough privacy. Whether you are going to sell your home down the line or you’re going to keep it in the family, you can do a lot with a uniquely designed window solution across the living room or dining room areas.

The Shutters

Aside from the physical glass that you put into place, you’ll need to consider whether or not you want shutters. There is no real structural reason to install shutters; they’re simply a reflection of your personal tastes. They began as a staple on every home due to the functionality of keeping out harsh weather. As windows began to increase in efficiency, the functionality of shutters began to wane. Many people still use shutters as ornamentation, but they are not required. You may, however, choose to install functional shutters to help protect windows in the event of a tornado.

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