Time for New Siding? Check Out these Incredible Siding Tips


Most homeowners find it intimidating and almost overwhelming to choose new siding. We completely understand! It’s a big decision and one that should not be made lightly. Many things have to be taken into consideration when choosing siding for your home. You have to make sure your preferred colors will be accepted by the homeowner’s association, and take the time to see different types of siding in different lighting so you won’t be shocked to see the differences between sun and shade. Those are only two quick tips though; let’s look at several other tips for choosing new siding for your home.

Tips for Choosing Siding Color

  1. The Overall Appearance of Your Home – Take the architectural design of your home into consideration. Steep gables provide the opportunity to mix shakes or scallops with your other vertical or horizontal siding. Consider the roofing material as well. Everything has to work together to create the overall appeal you want.
  2. Other Similar Homes in the Neighborhood – Look at other homes in your neighborhood for ideas. Take unique ideas from different homes and create your own individual look. You certainly don’t want to simply go with a neutral tone that blends with other homes throughout the area.
  3. Complement Your Neighborhood and Your Home’s Architectural Style – You wouldn’t necessarily, for example, choose bright pink siding simply to make your home stand out from the others. Take a few ideas from different homes and create a unique combination for your siding.
  4. Add Curb Appeal and Emotion – Deep colors generate a warm and inviting feeling, our eyes are drawn to bright colors, and the contrasts between dark and light colors create dimension. Make sure you highlight certain features with lighter colors and downplay less attractive elements with darker colors.

Tips for Choosing Siding Style

  1. Lap Siding – Lap siding is the most popular style. It’s designed so that each panel slightly overlaps the one below it. It is installed horizontally.
  2. Vertical Siding – Vertical siding is installed vertically instead of horizontally and provides a much different appearance.
  3. Shakes – Shakes are squares and look amazing as a full siding or in an accent area such as the gables.
  4. Scallops – Scallops are much softer in appearance than shakes. They’re rounded at the end and also look lovely as accents on the gables.

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